I bought my first Siberian Husky in 1984. Soon afterwards came the next two, so called "showdogs".

My first race which I took part in was in 1988 with two dogs. To increase my team I kept dogs from several litters which I breed. In 1990 I participated in my first European Championships for registrated Nordic Breeds and in the 6 dog class was placed ninth.

Pirena - Sant Joan de l´Erm

Pirena - Pic de l´Orri With an added two dogs from Rudi Ropertz to help strengthen my team I won the European Championship 1991 in both sprint and middledistance in the 8 dog class. After the Championship I drove for the fist time to Finland and took part in the Hossa-Marathon-Cup (3 x 25 km Sprint, 2 x 55 km Middledistance and 330 km Longtrail). I followed this race up with a 640 km trail across Lapland from Inaresee to Kilpisjärvi. The same year I bought three dogs from the "Vargteam´s Kennel" from Ole Dag Lovvold in Norway, to which my breeding and Kennel are based from.
In 1992 I won the European Championships (sprint) in the unlimited class (open). After taking part in the ESDRA (European Sled Dog Racing Association) World Championships (2nd place for registrated breeds) I was banned in 1993 from participating in all Championship races for registrated breeds.  
  The Transitalia, a race which covers 14 stages from 25 - 45 km in Italy (5th place) and the ESDRA European Championships, were the highlights of the 1993 racing season.
In 1994 to prepare for the Arctis-North-East Expedition I trained six weeks in Finland. I also took part in the Alpirod, a race which runs over 16 stages and 750 km from France across Switzerland, Austria and Italy. From the beginning of April I took part on an expedition with an Austrian television crew to the island of "Franz Josef Land".

Alpentrail - Sexten

Italy - Alp de Suisse

Due to the fact that it is so easy to travel with dogs into Norway and Sweden I moved my training´s programme in 1995 to Norway to prepare for Pirena (a race which covers Spain, Andorra and France), a race which I also won.

In the same year I also won the World Championships in Sprint and Middledistance in the (open) unlimited class.

In 1997 I was placed second and in 1998 third in Pirena.
I spent the most of the 1999 race season in Norway and Sweden. I was also placed second in the World Championships for registrated dogs in the unlimited class.  
For the 2000 race season I had to cancel through injury my plans to participate in the Femundlopet in Norway. Instead I took part in the Alpentrail, a race over seven stages with distances covering 40-55 km in Italy and Austria. Even though my team was trained for middledistance I was placed second in the European Sprint Championships (open).
Femundlopet - Whity & Flash

For the 2001 season the Femundlopet was planed. The preparation for that race begun in December in Sweden. In the middle of January, the norwegian middle-distance-championship was chosen for the finalrehearsal (3. place). The Femundlopet went over appr. 293 km. In despite of bringing a young team on the start, I finished on the 6th place.

Pirena 2004
My objectives for 2002 was a longdistance race in Sweden.
In fact of less snow conditions an optimal preparation was not possible and therefore I made only holidays in Sweden and I dedicated my time to train my dogs.

In 2003 I participated again at Pirena.
The preparations for this race I had to manage only by training my dogs at home. It was not possible for me to gain more than the 9th place.
For this reason I decided to change over to Alaskan Huskies by the quickest possible means.

In summer I bought some new good dogs to be well prepared for the coming season.
I spend the whole December in Sweden to train on snow. Afterwards I went to Spain to participate once again at Pirena. The 5th place in the overall placing confirmed my decision to change over to Alaskan Huskies.
For 2006 my main target was Pirena. The snow training took place this year in Norway. To test the condition of my team I raced the middle distance race in Haidmühle, which I finished on the first place. At the Pirena I had to cancel the race after the ninth stage on the fourth position in fact of a virus infection by my dogs. After a rest of three weeks I began to train again but I must realize that my dogs are still not fit. This season was finished.
Pirena 2006