Preparing on snow in Sweden


In fact of bad conditions in Jokkmokk, Rene Weiss and me decided to leave and go to Gafsele. Thanks to Klaus Staflinger who helped us to organise a cabin.

The Gafsele Sleddogclub maintains a permanenten trainingstrail with a distance up to 42km. My first three runs with the dogs were about 14km. Because the open trail was blown (heavy wind and new snow) I decided to train again the 14km, but before the finish I run the trail a second time to extend the distance. In case of very low temperatures (-34 degrees) our training was interrupted for several times.

On the second weekend in january Jo Ern und Marc Permentier organized a little race with a grillparty afterwards. Each musher could choose the amount of dogs and the distance he likes to run. The race was held to know the mushers who live there and who train there. Moreover it was a nice change for the dogs to snuffle raceatmosphere.

Unfortunately of changing weahterconditions I couldn´t reach my planed training goals. Nevertheless it was a successful preparation for my dogs.
The nice atmosphere and the cooperativeness was very impressing for us.