Middle Distance Race Haidmühle 6./7.01.2006


Spending the whole December in Norway for snowtraining I decided short therm to participate on the Middistancerace in Haidmühle as a last test for Pirena. For instance that six dogs of my team never participated on a race I was very interested how they behave under this new circumstances.
I had the great fortune to start first in the open class. In fact of this starting order I could test my team how they manage the overtakings.
At the start one of my young dogs called Fibi sliped out of the x-back, but I was three minutes
before the official starting time and therefore I had enough time to put over the x-back again.
The race took normal course also I had two overtakings. Although the dogs seemed not very fit the team raced the best time with a margin of three minutes. The skiclub of Haidmühle made a very good job because they had to clear away a lot of trees along the trail in fact of the snowdrifts.
Haidmühle 2006
Haidmühle 2006
The second day should enable a faster run because the course of the trail was better than the day before. During an overtaking one dog cave in the deep snow and I had to stop because I had to exchange a snaplink that was broken. After that I had a second stop because my two leaders went wrong two times on a turning. Nevertheless it was the fastest
running time, but the time the day before I could not top. By a margin of seven and a half minutes I won the race.

My decision to challenge on the direct way from Norway the race in Haidmühle to test my team during a race was very good . Nevertheless I drove with mixed feelings for Pirena at home, because the whole team showed not the good performance they had during the training in Norway.