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31.08.2012 Five new puppies (two males and three females) out of Resi and Clyde were born.

03.06.2010 Eight males and one female out of Fritzi and Nash were born.

26.01.2010 Back from Norway

Not enough snow in Sweden, we went to Norway for training and get almost perfect conditions.

15.11.2009 Cabin is booked, middle of december I´ll go to Sweden for snowtraining!

21.12.2008-22.01.2009 Training in Sweden

Preparing my dogs on snow for the coming race saison in Gafsele.

15.02.2007 Middle Distance Championship canceled !

After the MD- European Championship already had to move to Norway (16.03.-18.03.07) the MD- World Championship is canceled finaly because no replacement could be found.

31.01.2007 PIRENA definitely canceld !

08.01.2007 PIRENA is postponed !

Shock ! Due to the lack of snow the organisation of Pirena has decided to put off the crossing two weeks. The white Route of the Pyrenees, then, will take place between the 3rd and the 17th February.
These postponement jumbles up my plans I had for this season.

03.12.2006-05.01.2007 Training in Norway

In fact that the training last year in Leningen had took a good course and the bad snow conditions in Middle Europe I came to the decision to train there again. The perfect snow conditions guaranteed a good preparation for my dogs for this season.

20.01.-04.02.1006 Pirena 2006

Stage race in Spain, Andorra and France

06.01./07.01.2006 Middle-Distance-Race Haidmühle

First place, which was the final test for Pirena over 28km.

Training in Norway

One month of preparing my dogs on snow in Lenningen.