Complementary medical methods for racing sled dogs

Complementary medical methods can be usfull for successfull treatment in some problems not only for racing sled dogs. Numerous of veterinarians don´t want to miss it.

The following tools of SCHWA-MEDICO lead to actually good results of experiencebased medicine:

  • Laser Modulas Handy 50 mW (Veterinarian)
    for lasertherapy in acupuncture, inflammation and wound management
  • Musclestimulator EMP 2
    for an additional method to train some special muscles, to maintain the muscle after injury and to avoid ischemia or improve the muscle perfusion
  • TENS SM2
    for effective pain relief without drugs, to avoid ischemia or improve the muscle perfusion, to stimulate acupuncture points
lasertherapy of a fissure situated between the phalanges of the dog
laseracupuncture of point bladder 60, dysbalance of bladder meridian or local treatment of tarsal joint
Reizstrombehandlung mit TENS SM2
myoelectrical stimulation (m. biceps brachnii, m. triceps, m. infra- et supraspinatus) shoulder lameness after injury